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Artist Statement

My work exhibits environmental concerns. The widespread threat to the environment in the face of unconstrained waste generation and developments in technology pose monumental threats to wildlife and the environment. 


I construct and sculpt commonly found objects, flora and fauna along with animal figurines that take its shape in the form of sculptural installations. These installations are used as metaphors to depict the interconnectedness of all living organisms to our ecosystems and the need to maintain a healthy balance between ourselves and the environment. Hand crafted sculptures are primary to my practice which has evolved from small scale works to large installations. My sculptures are made using a variety of materials such as clay, plaster, wood, metal and ceramics.


Due to consumerism, exploitation, overpopulation, lack of knowledge of sustainable practices, dumping of waste materials, air pollution, water pollution and the use of non biodegradable products, we find ourselves moving further away from our connectivity to our ecosystems. Therefore, my installations hope to impact the viewer of the pressing issue of today which is environmental change, and how we as human beings can directly or indirectly damage our surroundings, due to which there is a need for us to change our lifestyles and actions, if we intend to secure a healthy habitat for future generations to come. Through Art, we have the power to reach out to society - to inform, educate and ignite a curiosity towards improving our environment.


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